Online Roulette Tips

Online Roulette Tips

Roulette is a classic casino game. It’s been played by paupers and kings, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo. The game is simple to play and can change the life of the lucky player who goes on a hot winning streak.

Now, that life changing streak can happen in the player’s own home thanks to the magical power of the Internet. Here are some things every online roulette player should know about the game.

Look for European Online Roulette

American roulette games feature a zero and a double zero, while European roulette has only a single zero. The House edge in roulette comes specifically from the presence of zeroes on the wheel. As you can imagine, the fewer zeroes the better.

In a live environment, players have no choice about which type of roulette to play. When playing online casino games, you have all the choice in the world. Choose the European game.

Look for Favorable European Rules in Online Roulette

Once you’ve found your single zero wheel, keep an eye out for favorable rules like “la partage” or “en prison.” The former means that you only lose half of your even money bet if the ball lands on zero.

The latter means if the ball lands in zero, you can take half your money or let it ride and win your entire bet back if you hit your bet on the next spin. This version of the game is often referred to as French roulette.

Pace Yourself in Online Roulette

A live game of roulette moves at a pretty steady pace. The croupier must wait for all the bets to be put down, must wait for the ball to come completely to rest, must locate the winning bets and pay them out. This all takes some time.

In online roulette, most of these things happen almost instantly. This means that you can get in many spins in an hour, which is great when you’re winning, but can really chew up your bankroll if you’re on an unlucky run.

Be sure to pace yourself when playing online roulette and take note of where you are and where you want to be after every few spins.