1. depends on the casino and the table. some start $5 and go up to $100 or more for the big roller. stick with blackjack it provides the best opportuniy to win the most money.

  2. The Westin Casuarina has $1 roulette & craps during “happy hour” 5p-10p Sunday through Thursday.

    Single zero roulette in LV

    The Stratosphere has 2 single zero games and during the day at least one is usually a $5 game.

    I usually pay more attention than this(since I used to deal & roulette was my game), but it seems like on our last trip to LV(12/10 – 1/3) that one of the casinos on Fremont street was dealing a $1 minimum game with .25c “chips”. It may have been the El Cortez or Vegas Club, I just can’t recall for sure.


  3. You can play single zero roulette at 0.25 cents on the touch-screen roulette video games.

    They have them basically at all casinos.

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