1. I didnt know they allowed dogs in to casino’s? Maybe the blind ones they do but hey they can’t see the roulette wheel so wont be much help!

  2. there is no way to ALWAYS win thats why its called gambling.
    roulette wheels usually have fur around them so welcome to the dogs section!!!!!!!

  3. Begin with a minimum of $350..Place small bet ($5) first time, and double each time, whether it wins or not. Stay on the same color/odd-even, etc. You will win (come out ahead) consistantly in small amounts every night..You will come out $150-(most common)$400 (max) ahead of the original investment, if you put in about 6-8 hours and stay consistant.

    ….IF it is an honest wheel

  4. If there was a surefire way to win, do you think the casinos would let you stay? Do you think they’d let you write the book on “cheat codes” for gambling? I’ll drink what you’re drinking if you think there’s a quick fix to not losing your shirt.

    However, if you play smaller odds like black, red, or odd or even, and watch the board for gaps in tri-sectors (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36) you will lose your money slower, maybe even come out ahead.

    Good luck out there. I live in Vegas. Maybe I’ll see you there.

  5. There’s no way to *always* win, however there are ways to improve your odds. Unfortunately they are illegal. The Casinos believe that they should always have a built in advantage and if you do anything to reverse that they get very upset.

    There have been several methods applied to beating roulette, I’ve included a couple of links below. The Serbian laser scanners were probably the most potentially effective.

    But there’s no always.

    There’s a reason why casinos are huge businesses run by rich people. They always win.

  6. Yeah swallow all the money you were going to bet and whatever comes out the other end will be more than what you will win anyway and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself and were in control of the game at all times!

  7. There are no sure things…no free lunch…nothing new under the sun…if there was such a thing, how do you think the casinos would make money? Get a job. And get out of the Dogs category.

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