Open Roulette System

Open Roulette System

Every Roulette System Should be Open Source!

Winning Roulette Systems

We all know this market “The market of Roulette Systems”, where every player came here to find something that will help him to make some money.

The roulette systems differ by their approach to reach the main goal and this is related to the roulette system it use and usually one roulette system software has no more then one embedded roulette system.

While somebody said that his roulette system never lost, other trying to tell us that his roulette system can make profit.Usually the engineering of such systems is not too complex and the roulette system sellers try to make it as easy as they can so sometimes all you need is only to follow the roulette system software advice.

The big problem in all this is that the current roulette systems software represent a black box and nobody except the roulette system designer knew how this roulette system really works and all the player can do is only to follow the roulette system advices and to hope for some luck.

From one point this is good only because the player shouldn’t worry about anything but from the other side the player put on risk his money and don’t know how to act in some situations.

Should you Use Roulette Systems?

Yes any roulette systems have its risk and the risk can differ from the system to system. From my side using of roulette systems that act like a black box is very dangerous for your money.

MMM Network came with a new solution in order to solve this. From April 2008 all software developed inside MMM Network has an Open Source format that is perfect for the players because they know how will act that roulette system always.

So the player will know all from the beginning till the end of the game. What is an Open Source Roulette System? I will say simply and will try to come with some info about what represent it and which Roulette Systems can be considered as Open Source.

As you know the Open Source Software had a big impact on the software market in the last years because the users became in the same time the software developers for that system and can always modify the software in order to improve it. The same now is and with the Roulette Systems.

Even if now nobody can propose such software for their customers, the MMM Network decide to be the first who will do this and I want to tell you that Open Source Roulette Systems are very much appreciated by all our members since we started to use such format. We use a visual language that is like a matrix and it is used to program every roulette system so that our players will win roulette.

Steps to Win Roulette with a System

In our software we call this matrix as palette, only to keep the old name but in the end this is a matrix that has all the variables that describe one roulette system. All logics are kept in these variables configuration that for 18 steps system is around of 110 variables and for 66 steps will be 66X6 that is more then 396 variables that will be enough to build any type of roulette system.

I want to point here that I talk about the last release from our MMM Network called MMMX so I will talk here only about it. MMMX is a roulette tool that can create, load, play and simulate an Open Source Roulette System.

How can benefit from this the user? First of all every user have the option to create his own roulette system. The second is that any user can load an already exiting Open Source Roulette System and to modify it.

And finally such structure speed up the process of developing always of a new roulette systems where the last are better then the previous and every member try to make his open source roulette system the best.

All development process of such roulette system consist from several steps like what the software should do in case if land red/black/zero also what the system should do in case of lost/won situation.

So we use here the jump method that is used to guide the system what it should do in these cases. The good point in all this is that every roulette system is created by our customers/members and it is shared with all the members of our community for free.

A Community of Roulette Systems

Every member of our community can reward another members for his open source roulette system via our MMM Beer Club and this also help us very much to speed up this process.

At this time our members already started to copyright their palettes, so the users who will load their palettes and will use them and will make money for sure not will forget to reward the open source roulette system creators. So all you should understand here is that MMM Network act as a creator of such roulette tools and all members act as Open Source Roulette Systems Creators.

Somebody have the talent to write such roulette systems while the other can test every roulette system and come with the results on our MMM Forum where we usually talk and rate every new developed roulette system. At this time we don’t have a trial version but it should be available in some weeks but our full version is full functional and is already used since April 2008.

The most Valuable Roulette System

On our official site of Money Maker Machine is available only a short tutorial made by one of our members but soon we plan to develop a professional tutorial that will ask to a lot of questions and that will teach the new members of our community how to use MMMX and to program from the beginning a new roulette system.

All I can say now is that this procedure is easy and every member who will join us need no more then 1-2 hours to understand this but if he don’t want to create his own open source roulette system then he can load an already existing open source roulette system.

At this time in our database we have around of 180 roulette systems and many new other will be ready in the next days and I am sure this number will grow even up to 500 and more once the new most improved MMMX-Core based on 66 steps will be available and as I suppose this can happen in the next days.

My advice is to keep your eyes open and to think clear before to buy or to put your hope in something else that you will not be able to control. The best news for us is that more and more roulette players start to use MMMX when they play roulette because they look at it like at the professional and very unique software for all their roulette strategies.