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How to Win at Roulette using my simple and effective Roulette Emulator.

MMMX [66X6] – is based on a new MMM platform called MMMX that will allow you to use up to 66 steps, configurable table bets, custom bets amount, control of won/lost steps, suggest correction feature, breakpoints feature for all 66 steps, play after special custom sequence or sequences, create your own roulette system, load and play other roulette systems, real time palette modification, roulette systems database and real money simulator.

MMMX come to help the player with an automated software that can play like a robot many roulette systems. All you should do is to select the casino where you want to play and betting palette that represent a roulette system then click on NEW GAME button and all other things like betting will be done by MMMX.

While MMMX is making money, the player can watch and enjoy the game. Right now, this tool is adapted for more than 80 online casinos and it works for every roulette table with starting bets from 1 cent up to 1000$.

By using MMMX you will not have only one system to win in roulette but a lot of roulette systems and you can even write your own roulette system and even to modify an already existing roulette system.

So there are only two steps to do:

1. Select the casino where you want to play.

2. Select a roulette system you want to play.

Related to second then there you have several options:

1. Load an already existing roulette system.

2. Write your own roulette system or modify an already exiting roulette system.

So what is MMMX in simple words?

MMMX is a roulette tool and it can be associated with a visual programming language used to code your roulette system. So once you buy MMMX you don’t buy one roulette system but a roulette tool that can create an unlimited numbers of roulette systems and to play any already existing roulette systems made by our MMMX coders.

Who are MMMX coders? MMMX coders usually are our customers that at the end are professional roulette players. Why the name of the software is Money Maker Machine?This is the first code name received this software. I assigned this name because this software work like a robot and this mean like a machine.

What other names will describe it better?

1. Roulette Systems Creator.

2. Roulette Systems Player.

3. Roulette Systems Emulator.

4. Roulette Systems Coder.

5. VPL for Roulette Systems. (VPL=visual programming language)

So this tool was created to create any type of roulette systems and to play them. Who created this roulette tool?

If to say the truth then it was created with the help of our customers playing roulette. The most important thing for it is the palette that represent one roulette system so it will do all you will say to it and nothing more.

Also it will show you the status of the game and whole playing process real time. The tool act as emulator for your roulette system so as you understand the most important thing here is palette or let call this your roulette system.

One comment

  1. 1. never use martingale or similar strategies which use negative progressions. never try to recover losses at one shot by increasing the bets irrationally. it is always a loser
    2. dont play RNGs or random number generators. you are not playing roulette. there is no ball, no wheel, no dealer. hence no roulette.
    3. dont cancel your withdraw requests from casinos even though you may be persuaded to do so. withdraw your money timely always
    4. dont EVER pay money to buy or purchase a system. ALL the people out there who sell are out to con you. if someones system would really work so well, why would they waste effort to sell it to you ? they would just use it and make easy money. plus if roulette was 100% beatable all the time, then the casinos would not offer the game.
    5. never play under the influence of alcohol, boredom, tiredness, dis-interest
    6. never try to beat infinity. over an infinite number of spins the game cant be beaten. be cautious with your bankroll. never gamble with money u cant afford to lose.
    7. dont start playing without adequate training and testing.
    To cut a losing cycle you must first be proficient at recognizing you are at a losing cycle! And of course, you must act properly: bet the very minimum to lose the least while it lasts.
    Of course, when experiencing a clear positive cycle, then you can take the risk and try to cancel those losses you minimized by betting the least.
    This is my passive-agressive approach, and guess what; applied to many methods, it does work under regular conditions (I.e. hits coming near -or not enormously below- the expected rate). Of course, nothing beats a huge dispersion of hits and never to have the chance of backing up a winner, but once you get the hang of the math of the game, you notice you even have guaranteed hits waiting for you by the game’s very own nature at your regular sessions. This is what you should exploit with proper management.
    how about “run for an hour before playing a session” .. gary kasparov ran for an hour on the treadmill, before every match. he played his best then. physical exertion stimulates the best brain cells.

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